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Inductance & Impendance for given Kohm values (examples)

Single coil PU 6,5 kohm at 0Hz, Inductance L=2,77H, Impendance=19.006ohm at 1kHz. Peak frequency is at 9kHz
Single coil PU 6,3 kohm at 0Hz, Inductance L=2,57H, Impendance=17.621ohm at 1kHz. Peak frequency is at 11kHz.
Single coil PU 6,1 kohm at 0Hz, Inductance L=2,65H, Impendance=17.890ohm at 1kHz. Peak frequency is at 10kHz.
Humbucker PU 11,75 kohm at 0Hz, Inductance L=5,07H, Impendance=33.764ohm at 1kHz. Peak frequency is at 7kHz.
jazz Bass PU 8,13 kohm at 0Hz, Inductance L=4,37H, Impendance=29.228ohm at 1kHz. Peak frequency is at 6kHz.

Values are for unloaded PU, means no pots, cables (guitar!!). You can see relation between resistance, frequency, phase angle, inductance and other interesting tech stuff. When you put pickup in to guitar resonant peak drops between 2kHz and 5kHz because of pot resistance and mainly cable capacitance. The muddier sound, the closest to 2kHz.

According to various interpretation of these figures, these graphs show fat sound with lot of harmonics.

Although this is all very valuable information, it is, by far, not enough to determine sound and performance of a pickup in your guitar. I remember one phrase from HI-FI which can be partly applied here: there is lie, bigger lie and technical data.